The Maplewood Memorial Library Foundation, (MMLF) was established in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) to perform two increasingly needed roles for the library: to fundraise and to provide a flexible investment home for donations.

The Foundation came about because the Board of Trustees of the Library and many in our community recognized the need to establish a protective buffer for the library’s invaluable and expanding needs and services. Increasing demands on municipal budgets, coupled with the library’s expanding technological needs and community services provided have necessitated fundraising for projects outside of the library’s annual budget. MMLF has built a fundraising organization to meet this need.

The Foundation was also established to provide greater investment latitude for the accumulation of donations. Before the inception of MMLF, donations to the Library were hamstrung by rules governing the investment and disbursement of municipal funds. With the creation of the Foundation, donations may be invested more productively unburdened by the extremely conservative state restrictions on handling public monies.

Every year since inception, the Foundation has made annual contributions to events, technology improvements, and programming, while saving and building toward our near term primary objective: accumulating funds for a major renovation.

Ultimately, even after completing the capital campaign and renovation, MMLF will continue its mission of fundraising and investing for the library’s future. We hope to always provide some financial security and flexibility for the Library, so that its director, board and staff may focus on the library’s vital role as Maplewood’s literary hub, information/enrichment center and invaluable community cornerstone.